Our Technology

Kinetic NRG is designing, developing and building hydro-kinetic generation solutions to deliver reliable, predictable, low cost energy.

To date Kinetic NRG has designed and patented a range of technology relative to hydrokinetic generators, turbines or impellers, windings, and mounting and housing of impellers.


Revolutionary Blade Design

The patent registered blade profile captures water energy at low water flows not previously achieved by a comparative product currently in the market. The low flow capability will provide hydro power potential to previously untapped water energy thus opening up previously untapped water sources to power generation.

Hydrokinetic Energy Generator (HEG)
with Integrated Power Module (IPM)

The HEG is designed to capture energy from water flows as low as 0.5 meters per second. Power offtake is maximised through the unique design of our Intergrated Power Module (IPM).

HEG x 3.png

Installation Options

Installation technologies and costs are a key driver to the economic viability of hydrokinetic projects.  Kinetic NRG is therefore very focused on standardised, easily scalable installation structures that  can be installed via floating, fixed or portable modular units to reduce costs associated with bespoke installations and on markets and applications that require minimal civil infrastructure works.