Tail Race Canals

Channels that carries water away from dams, known as tailraces, with predictable water flows combined with Kinetic NRG HEG technology permit a consistent base load supply, providing reliable, predicatble low cost energy.

​Kinetic NRG is a hydrokinetic project developer utilising either floating, fixed, portable modular units (HEG) that will be placed in the tail race canal flows of existing hydro power plants.

By leveraging existing infrastructure, Kinetic NRG’s goal is to focus on the substantial amount of energy potential located within this under used existing asset. These projects would not involve any further environmental impact; the reservoir and canals have already been formed and hydro power plant sites have an existing grid connection, access roads and security fencing, thus minimising project costs.

Kinetic NRG HEG technology is standardised and easily scalable,  providing a complete renewable energy solution for the most cost-effective system possible - ideal for run-of- river power generation in tidal flow, in rivers and in canals.

The HEG was developed to produce a maximum amount of electrical power with the kinetic energy of flowing waters. Because it is powered by kinetic energy instead of potential energy, it is known as a so-called “zero-head” or “in-current” turbine system. As such no head differential is necessary for the operation of the HEG; the course of a river or canal remains in its natural state and no high investments in infrastructure are required. Because the amount of available kinetic energy varies from site to site, a greater amount of energy is generated with a higher velocity of water flow.


Kinetic NRG is prioritising project development in existing water networks, namely, tail race canals and natural river flows.