Introducing Kinetic NRG's Hydrokinetic Energy Generator (HEG)

Kinetic NRGs HEG prototype successfully completed bench testing in Q2, 2019 and a full size pre-production model is now being manufactured ready for in-water trials in Q2, 2020.

Kinetic NRG’s patented Hydrokinetic Energy Generator (or “HEG”) utilises the power of rare earth magnets, a patented rotor ring, an integrated power module and purpose designed highly efficient turbine blade to unlock additional hydro energy resources.

Kinetic NRG Hydrokinetic Energy Generator


Kinetic NRGs Hydrokinetic Energy Generator (HEG) has been developed using several patented state-of-the-art innovations that are redefining science.

Utilising the power of rare earth magnets, a patented rotor ring, an integrated power module and purpose designed highly efficient turbine blade, Kinetic NRG have accessed previously un-tapped water energy sources.

Targeting this energy in existing water networks, including irrigation channels, tail race canals, natural river flows, tidal currents and urban networks Kinetic NRG can deliver consistent base load power supply to meet modern demands.


Revolutionary Blade Design

The patent registered blade profile captures water energy at low water flows not previously achieved by a comparative product currently in the market. The low flow capability will provide hydro power potential to previously untapped water energy thus opening up previously untapped water sources to power generation.

Integrated Power Module (IPM)

Integration of the power module within the HEG reduces power loss and has resulted in a turbine with a high coefficient of efficiency resulting in only a single moving part which will benefit the customer through low operational costs and minimal maintenance down time.


Estimated Output

Estimated Output for 1.5m diameter blade HEG based on pre-production model.


Side and intake view of 1.5m diameter HEG showing overall modular dimensions. The turbine can product over 30kW at 2.0 m/s flow.

HEG x 3.png

Installation Options

Standardised and easily scalable, units can be installed via floating, fixed or portable modular units. The HEG provides a cost effective capacity upgrade by leveraging existing infrastructure and grid connections.


The more Kinetic NRG explore the potential, the greater the range of applications


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